Who We Are

Welcome to the madness.

We are (1) a slice-of-life blog run by a trio of corporate potatoes and (2) living proof that Gryffindor and Slytherin can be friends. Posts may or may not include memes, journal comics, book reviews, rants, tantrums, and more. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Of course there’s a backstory.

At the end of the day, we were “nice girls” – we were smart, loyal, hard-working, and “nice.” The problem with that is being nice only gets you so far. That’s why we’re marauders. That’s why we looked around, saw what the world was willing to offer nice, smart, hard-working women, and decided we wanted more. “Enough” is not enough. Move over, James Brown – this is not a man’s world anymore. The Marauders are here. And we’re taking over.

Posting Schedule

We post as the muse dictates. Follow us on the social webz for post announcements:

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On her best days, Jennicorn is an extroverted, fast-talking, project managing, event planning, crafting, photographing bad-ass. On those other days, she’s winning if she doesn’t inadvertently put the coffee pot into the fridge. Either way, she gets shit done.

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Karo is a novel-writing graphic designer and opinionated talking dictionary, which means she can design your website while correcting your grammar. She specializes in inverted fantasy, magical realism, and cheeky, uninformative copy.

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Jade Rusalka

My nickname is mermaid. I make lipstick out of the blood of my enemies. I ride a fine line between being intuitive and being rational/logical. In directly related news, I’m also occasionally a hypocrite. But at least I’m an honest sometimes-hypocrite, who owns her shit.

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