So Long, Dearie

j/k, I’m not going anywhere. I have, however, started a brand new book blog, where I will be posting all bookish thoughts moving forward. I’ve moved all my book posts to the new blog, which is why they no longer appear on WyrdGurls. Though my book posts have relocated, I am not leaving WyrdGurls; I will still be posting life updates and vacation stories, albeit less frequently.

I’ve realized lately that WyrdGurls was not conceived as my personal book platform, that I’ve been obscuring its intended purpose with inane book babble, and that I really wanted to run a proper book blog with genres for categories and everything, so I’ve created bookycnidaria as a solo blog, where I will continue to post book reviews, reading updates, and monthly recaps. This also means I don’t have to announce every post on two platforms because I’m lazy and after a while that got annoying af.

To everyone who’s been following my book adventures, or even just following this crazy blog: Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you on bookycnidaria!

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